Monday, 12 August 2013

A Beautiful Masterpiece

The canvass of our lives is not only painted by us. Life can take so many different directions. Although the picture can end up a masterpiece. A beautiful picture of the story of our lives. You may not see the beautiful picture right away but yours is being created.

You may wonder what I mean by that. I don't even know what I mean. I just write things that come out of my head. I am joking of course I know where I am going with this. If we were to paint the perfect picture of our lives how would it look? Do we really know how it's going to look? We can paint an idea but life is not a perfect picture. Although it's good to have an idea in mind. You can't take it for granted it's going to look like that.

God has a picture in mind for us. If we look to Him, He will help us paint it. He will add colour where there is none. He can't paint the picture for us though. We have to be the artists of our own lives. He can't force us to paint His picture. God's not the only one that adds to our pictures. Each person we meet adds something. Whether it's darkness or light shades in the picture of our lives we will have both from different people.

What we've got to remember is that ultimately we can draw the same as God's picture. We may not be perfect artists but that's fine, we can copy our work. God lets us copy. He doesn't just let us copy, he teaches us how to draw. From the stroke of the brush to using different colours to completion. Like with any lessons it does help if the student shows up for class. It may be surprising how many times someone can be sick or absent for lessons from God. What benefit is it by not showing up other than more inexperience.

Yes we can learn a lot from people. We can get 3 million opinions on how the picture of our lives should look. We can paint someone else's idea. That would be like getting an amateurs advice when we can have an experts. God's already the expert and we can turn to Him for help. He can replace the dark patches in our picture and make them bright. He will show us the beauty in our pictures.

 Ultimately whatever you go through God is always there for you. Whether you notice Him or not He's always there. There are no entrance exams to God's class. It's open for everybody. That's what we've got to realise. That we have the help we need when we need it. That creating a masterpiece is not as hard as it seems.

What is a masterpiece? It's the picture of your life that God has for you. No picture starts off a masterpiece but by working on it and by all the colours and shades added to it, it can become one. The dark and light shades in your picture add to it. So the dark and good times in our lives add to who we are. Different people add different things by being a part of our lives just like the colours in our picture.

What we have to decide is what do we want our picture to look like. What picture do we want people to remember long after we are gone. In other words what do we want our lives to be about and what do we want to be remembered for. God knows what the best thing for our lives is.

Sit and think, look at your picture so far, then grab your paintbrush and keep painting. It may not be perfect but it's the picture of your whole life and when it's finished it can be a beautiful masterpiece.

Until I write again,
God Bless,
Nicola Hill