Thursday, 19 September 2013


Welcome to my blog and feel free to take a look around. Spend as much time as you like, you get charged per second. Don't panic, there are no charges just the freedom to sit and read.

Have you ever had a dream? I'm sure when you're sleeping at night you've had all kinds of random dreams but those aren't the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking about the dreams you have for your life. You must have had things you wanted or imagined would one day be possible. Isn't it great when some of those things you imagined start coming true. Not everything happens in the way you imagine but you can reach the same point. That's a good feeling isn't it. That's a bit of how I am feeling.

I've come up for the title for this post as I'm writing. Have you ever heard the phrase "the possibilities are endless". The possibilities are endless. You might be thinking but I've tried something and they were not numerous possibilities because it reached an end. Yes things do end. Not everything is possible but there is always a possibility and that possibility is endless. I know it might seem like I'm talking in a circle and now your head is spinning trying to grasp my concept which is why I do explain my points.

If one things ends there is always the possibility of something else beginning. In life there are dead ends but you can turn around and try another way. There are endless directions you can choose for your life all leading to different possibilities. There's a whole world of options. You try one thing, you try another and eventually you get to this point where you're finally on the track to reaching a dream. Whether you're reaching your original dream or your dream has changed completely you're getting there.

Endless possibilities that resulted in getting you on your way. You took one possibility after the next and here you are. If I was making a speech instead of this blog post we might have a drum roll or something here to illustrate this is where you are now. What you've got to realise is wherever you are now there are endless possibilities about where you could be and where you will go from here.

I just talked about going from here and I've put a picture of a stop sign. My blogs must make no sense to you. Maybe I need a decorator for my blogs. If you've read my blogs before you'll know there's always a reason for what's on them. This is where you are, you're here stopped. What happens when we stop at a stop sign? We look for cars then if it's clear we continue driving. We don't stay stopped do we and live by the stop sign. I haven't seen anyone camped out by stops signs recently but that's as likely happening as the sun staying all the year round in the Uk. 

I'm getting to the really juicy part of my blog post so if you imagine when you're eating a really fantastic meal and your taste buds are on fire with all the flavours because it's so good, this what my words are going to be like for your brain. I am not saying I am great writer but I am just saying whatever you feel, I really like this next point.

If you're stopped for however long when you decide it's time to go the possibilities are endless. It is possible that you will go at the wrong time and in the same way cars that go at the wrong time crash in to each other, you will crash. The point is in our lives whatever stops we finds ourselves at, we'll always find a way out, the possibilities are endless. That's it. That's my juicy meal for your brain. No refund policy. Think about it, you'll never be stopped by anything if you know there is always another direction and another way to go.

Wherever you are in your life you have endless possibilities about where you could be. You do have to work towards things but you just have to have the drive to keep going. You've got to have fuel in your tank. Yeah people can try fill your empty tank with their words but at the end of the day you're the one driving, you've got to decide to move.

A world where the possibilities are endless is a world we create for ourselves. No one can tell you how to think. Oh this happened but that's ok I'll do something else. Oh it failed but that's ok I can try again. Oh it's not going to work out but that's ok I can try something else. Oh I've lost everything but that's ok I can start again. Oh I don't know what I want to do but that's ok I'll figure it out. Oh my love left me but that's ok I'll find love again. Oh I miss everyone but that's ok I'll visit them. Oh I have no money but that's ok I'll make a plan. The possibilities are endless and while we may not always get the ones we want we can always make something out of wherever we find ourselves. 

Oh it's a new day that's great the possibilities are endless.

A world with endless possibilities - now that's exciting!

I hope this is like jumper cables to your day! Get you going!

Until I write again,
Nicola Hill