Monday, 5 May 2014

What I've learnt in 25 years

It's about time I posted a new blog post. I'll never stop writing but with my busy life I haven't written as often but when I feel that moment of inspiration to write something, I come here to my blog and write it all down. After I've formed words, people read my words strung together in my blog posts. I really make my blog sound interesting don't I ;). I've written many posts on here and you're always welcome to browse through and share my blog if you want to.

I've learnt a lot in my life. I've recently turned a quarter of a century. I think the biggest thing about turning 25 for me was looking back on my life and all the things that got me to where I am today, the good and the bad. I'm very thankful for the life I have and God's been a great support and friend to me over the years. I love life with God. Through Him I've been blessed with amazing people in my life.

If I'm writing a blog post a lot of the time God's going to be a part of it because He's what has helped me and I never would force God on anyone or judge those that don't believe, you choose what you believe, God is who I believe. God's the reason we're all here and I love God and I am so thankful to Him for everything so He's in my posts. God's a VIP in my posts and in my life ;)!

In 25 years I've done a lot of things I've dreamed of doing. I've had dreams become a reality and I've had nightmares become a reality. I've had tough times which I didn't know when they would end.

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows but there is a lot of sunshine and rainbows in life. I think when clouds come in your life, you've got to remember that clouds will clear, they always do. I can't say I've remained positive all my life but I try to, I try to look at the beauty of life rather than the darkness. Although sometimes darkness surrounds us and in those times God's been my light where I've followed His light to find my way out. I've tried my own way too which took much longer.

When you're in the dark and you're holding a flashlight, are you going to walk in pitch black and risk it or switch on your flashlight. The obvious answer would be to switch on your flashlight. In this instance the darkness is your problem you're facing, the flashlight is God who is always with you and when you switch on the light you're following God's path.

Now going back to my age, 25 years old, yes I'm ancient now, not quite. I'm at the age where some of my friends have got married, had children - a lot of which is happening all the time, my facebook is a constant stream of engagements, weddings and babies. I'm very happy for everyone :). I'm still looking to bribe someone to marry me before my younger sister gets married in November. So far any money I offer they still refuse to marry me, I must be a real catch ;). Actually I am happy with my life the way it is, I'm always open to meet someone but I know if it's God's plan it'll happen. This year my "little" sister gets married and I couldn't be happier for her :)! I don't know if you noticed the "little" part because although she's younger she's taller than me.

My sister, my dad, my mom's brother and my grandparents star in a huge part in my 25 years. My dad raised us both when my mom passed away when I was 9. I used to call my dad, my sister and I the three musketeers because although we wished my mom was with us we made it through. That's another thing I've learnt in 25 years that life isn't forever. I've lost many people in my life but their memory still lives on. I have wonderful memories of my late mom and late grandmother and many other family and friends. It's amazing how even though people are no longer with us, the way they touched our life remains with us forever. I wish they were here with me. One great lesson I learnt from my late mom and my late grandmother was to be kind to people and they were a great example of kindness. That's what God wants from us, You shall love your neighbour as yourself - Mark 12:31.

I love people, I love how everyone is unique. That's another thing I've learnt in 25 years is be yourself. You shouldn't have to change yourself for anyone and you should surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are. Life is too short to spend it running after someone who doesn't want you. God says we should love all people and we should but we can't make the people we love, love us. I don't like the saying love the people who treat you right, I think you should love regardless because we were created by God to love one another and if Jesus can love us when he was betrayed by man, beaten, nailed to a cross and still forgive us then I'm sure anything anyone has done to you in your life will never compare to what man did to Jesus and yet sometimes we can't forgive the smaller things. We need God's help with forgiveness it's not easy to forgive people who have hurt us. Forgive but still be careful because just because we've forgiven doesn't mean that they have changed but we have. Forgiving eachother as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must also forgive - Colossians 3:13.

Growing up in Zimbabwe the power and water cuts and food shortages taught me not to take anything for granted and it taught me to appreciate everything more. When we'd have all day or all week power cuts, I am really thankful I live in the Uk and the lights are always on with the exception of the five minute power cut I experienced once. I appreciate being able to go to the shops and everything you need being in the shop. I remember getting everyday things like milk and bread from a friend of a friend in Zimbabwe because the supermarkets were practically empty. I remember queuing for hours for things like milk, bread, sugar, flour and fuel. Imagine standing in a queue for a loaf of bread, I didn't have to imagine, I did it ;)! Zimbabwe is still a beautiful country with such friendly people even with the economy, I am still so happy I grew up there and I am glad I've learnt to appreciate what I have more. It has improved since I lived there, the economy is still not at its' best but the shelves are full now, there has been a lot of new places opening and tourists are even visiting. I'd still recommend it as a country worth visiting, it's a really beautiful country.

I could write forever on things I've learnt in 25 years because every day I'm learning something new but I wont write an endless blog post ;). My older blog posts are all part of the things I've learnt. I've learnt a lot from reading the bible and having a relationship with God. The best part of my 25 years has been God and hopefully He's going to help me live at least another 75 years so I can get a letter from the Royal Family here in the Uk on my hundredth birthday ;)! However long my life will be and we never know, anything can happen, I pray it continues to be a happy one and I know with God in my life it will be no matter what life throws at me.

With that I will love and leave you with this post to swallow,
Until I write again,
Nicola Hill