Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Power of Love

I have written posts on love before but no matter how many posts I write about it, I won't even scratch the surface. I wrote recently that without love everything else is pointless, we need love in this life. We do, everyone needs to feel love for others and to feel loved. It's what drives our life, our relationships with others and what we do. The lack of love also drives our life, our relationships with others and what we do. You see the difference between the outcomes with the presence of love and the absence of it.

I started writing this blog post in February and I kept thinking about it and writing more and having more ideas for this topic. When I think of the title it makes me think about the song called the Power of Love and some of the lyrics that go, "The power of love, force from above, cleaning my soul." I don't know who wrote those lyrics and what the person wanted them to mean but those words made me think that love really does clean our souls. It takes away all the bitterness, contempt and hate and it leaves us with love in their place which is powerful. It also comes from above because we learn love first from God.

Our lives stem from love and when they are driven by love and when we feel loved we thrive and when they are driven by other motions or we feel a lack of love we fall. You can see in life from people you know what the absence of love does or what happens when someone doesn't feel loved. The distress caused from this just shows you the power of love. You can see in life what the presence of love does and how happy love makes people feel and how it builds then up and this shows you the power of love.

We get hurt the most from the ones we love and we get the most encouragement from the ones we love. Love in itself is pure. Love isn't what causes pain, it's the absence of love that causes pain. Love is important. Love is needed. You don't love people because they are perfect because you wont find a perfect person. You love people because despite the fact that they're not perfect you choose to love them anyway. That is true love.

Love is sacrifice. The greatest sacrifice was when Jesus died on the cross for us. It wasn't about Him or His life but it was about us and saving us. I am not saying you have to die for people you love, I am saying that love is not thinking about yourself all the time but thinking about others first. It's sacrificing what you want to do for what someone else wants to do.

Love does not take advantage. Some people use love as a way of controlling another person. They use someone's love for them and can take advantage and abuse and manipulate. In this case they're not showing love and people become afraid to get away from it. If someone says they love you but they're hurting you constantly that's not love. Love does not deliberately hurt.

When we are thriving off love and giving love we are using the power of love and being the best version of ourselves. Remember love in itself is pure and good there is no bad in love.The bad stems from other feelings and emotions. We are not always going to be perfect even though we love because we can hurt those we love but the people who love you in spite of being hurt is where love is in its truest form.

Love doesn't have to be returned. Yes I typed that correctly. Love is not a give and take. God asks us to love even when it's not returned. That's right even when someone doesn't love you back, you love them anyway. Love is an act of giving not receiving.

Love doesn't die. If you truly love someone, you will always love them. No amount of time, space and distance will change that. If you've chosen to love someone you will love them forever. The real power of love is that it doesn't die. You may think but sometimes love does die. No that is the absence of love when love isn't there anymore. If love stays it does not die.

This brings me to the last thing on love in this topic. We control the power of love. Love is a choice. No one can make you love someone and no one can tell you not to love someone. You choose who you love. When you don't love anymore you've chosen not to love. When you love in spite of everything you've chosen to love. You can't kill love, love is always there but it's your choice whether you use it or not.

I hope if anything this has helped you see just how powerful love is and how important it is in life. Love is behind a door but we have the key. We have the choice of whether is open the door to love or not. We have the choice of whether to flip the switch and leave the power of love turned on or not. God asks that we always keep using the power of love in our lives and never turn off the power.

The Power of Love. How will you use it?

With that I shall love and leave you,
Until I write again,
Nicola Hill