Friday, 20 June 2014


This blog post has been building up on my heart for a while. I write when I feel inspired. I can't write for the sake of writing something or because I haven't written in a while. I love to write. Some people express themselves verbally, I express myself when I write. Verbally I sound like a monkey, when I write I sound like a human. Not in all cases I can express myself too but writing has always been a part of me and always will be. I also have a sense of humour which I can't explain but I have a humour that comes across in my writing too so just go with the flow and pretend that you actually find it amusing.

I am overwhelmed. I think that's the best way to describe the reason behind my new blog post. I am overwhelmed in a good way, in a way that I am so incredibly thankful to God for amazing things that have happened and continue to happen in my life. No I am not engaged or even dating before you jump to conclusions as that seems to be the first thing people think most of the time. Although that is an advert too, it's only a few months now until my sister's wedding and I still have a spot open for a date, so any respectable young gentleman (just sounding professional in case my dad reads this) send them my way.

I am happy the way my life is, really happy in fact. Sometimes things happen though and if you are
not careful even when your life is on an uphill climb certain things happen that bring you down. There is good and bad in the world but you've got to cling to to the good and stay away from the bad but sometimes the bad comes and finds you. Even so whenever anything bad happens as I have said you have to focus on the good things and realise you have a lot of them and I have a lot to be thankful for.

One of the lessons I have learnt very recently is about me too. I always believe that even though people can be bad there is good in them too and it has been proven countless times in my life. People react according to how they are treated but if you treat people right you will find the good fruits of their personality. Recently I lost my faith in people a little bit and began to doubt if there was actually good inside only to find that there was. I don't want to do that again but I can't say I never will.

There is so much hate and people writing about people saying that people are this and people are that but God tells us to love. God tells us to love to the point of extending love to our enemy. Which is my favourite bible verse Matthew 5: 43-48. I can't say I have any enemies, I don't like the term and labeling people that. I don't like some things people do but that doesn't mean I don't like them as a whole. I think we all have the option of being better but the choice is ours to take it. I have a puppy love where I just love people and I am thankful God made me this way. I am thankful I can love easily even though at times it's been hurtful when people don't love you back but as I've grown in the years in my life I've realised that's it's not about people loving you back, it's about you loving them regardless.

Between the lessons I have learnt recently and the good things that have happened in my life I am overwhelmed. God has taught me some good lessons and made some amazing things happen in my life. From things in my job to my personal life it's been a wonderful time. I really go in to the detail saying "things" but it's not about people knowing what things I am talking about, God knows my life better than anyone and that's sufficient for me.

Going into the topic on certain "things" though, I will tell you now that I don't know when but I am going to start writing another book about my life experiences. I wrote my first book "Home Sweet Home" which I thought was going to be my major book but I wrote it when I was young and it was my first step in the book writing world and it's a fictional story with some of my life between the pages. Now I've come to the realisation that I have a story to tell, a different story. I don't know when I will write it but there is a story coming. Yes wait on the edge of your seat, no I don't intend for you to wait at all, whether one person reads my writing or one thousand I hope it helps or encourages someone in some way.

In summary: God's always good, I'm overwhelmed by the beauty in life and I'm going to write a book one day. In the meantime I hope you continue to keep reading my blog, I say this as if people read this but whether this is your first time (welcome by the way) or you've visited before, I'm thankful that my words get read.

God Bless you all.
Until I write again,
Nicola Hill