Saturday, 30 March 2013


The Wikipedia definition of bullying is this, "Bullying is the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others. The behavior can be habitual and involve an imbalance of social or physical power. It can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion and may be directed repeatedly towards particular victims, perhaps on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability".

I find bullying sad. Sad that people can deliberately hurt others and feel nothing. Sad that words get used to bring people down instead of build them up. Sad that it gets to the point of making someone else cry. Sad that people abuse their power given to them and use it to hurt others. Bullying can crush someone's spirit. In this blog post I'm concentrating on bullying with words. Words can cause serious harm.

Everyone must have witnessed or been a victim of some form of bullying. It's not only something that happens in schools, it happens in work places too. It can happen anywhere. Wherever someone attacks another. Bullying with words is saying something that drags a person down in a harsh way without feeling sorry. Words are a form of communication but they are also a very strong tool that can encourage or damage others. Are your words building people up or tearing them down?

No one wants to feel hurt, isolated or unwanted. No one wants to be made fun of. No one wants to be a target of someone else. No one wants someone constantly putting them down. No one wants to cry. No one wants people talking behind their back. Which leads me to ask, why bully? If people don't want to be on the receiving end then why do they put someone else there?

We're all different. In a whole world of personalities there is no one else like you. There are billions of personalities out there. In a whole world of all kinds of people not everyone will get along. Although we are all different we all have something in common. We all have feelings and the potential to be good.

Remember we all have feelings. Every person can experience feeling happy and they can feel sad. Which would you rather be? If you choose sad... Actually sad is not an option, I know no one will choose to be sad. Why would you choose to be sad anyway? Do you like feeling upset or hurt? Does it make you feel good? No it does not. Then my question is why do people make someone else go through that? Why do people bully others and make them feel something they don't want to feel?

I found Proverbs 15 is a good verse for this post if you'd like to read it through.

There are a lot of things words can do to people.

Beating with words or building with words? That is the question. Beat them down or build them up.

It's like giving someone a lift or hitting them with your car. That's the difference between the type of words that get thrown at people. If you give them a lift you carry them to go further with your words. If you hit them you injure them with your words. Sometimes the damage isn't so bad but sometimes it can be.

The reason I am talking about bullying with words and the extent of watching our words is because too much abuse of words can lead to bullying.

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I'd like to end with this quote I found today. I actually found it before I even thought about this blog because I only thought of this post later but I think it fits really well.

Trouble with this world is that everybody's out to get everybody else. I mean why can't people be more like me? I love everybody. ~ Bugs Bunny

Until I write again,
Build people up,
God Bless,
Nicola Hill

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Walking with God

There were people broken down by life. There were people lost and couldn't find a way out. There were people who focused on material things and what life had to offer them. There were people who didn't realise the great life in store for them and settled for what they had. All these people found something amazing. Something to hold on to. A new hope. A new life. An incredible journey. This journey began when they started walking with God. When they turned their lives over to God.

What is your story? I am sure everyone can think of hard times in their lives and how their lives have improved. Everyone thinks "I've had it harder" than others. The poor me syndrome that many fall in to. We're not in a competition of who had the biggest struggle. Sure life can be tough and people have bigger struggles than others but I am talking about moving beyond the tough times on the greatest journey you will ever take in your life and that is walking with God.

If you keep on your walk with God you will walk through everything. Any hurdles that come along your way, job loss or failing something even if they set you back a bit or delay you on your journey, you will keep walking. Sudden accidents, loss, heartache that can paralyze you, you will keep walking. People who hurt you, stand in your way, you will keep walking. No matter what life throws at you, you will keep walking because God walks with you.

God doesn't see things like we do. He doesn't worry like we do. Looking at the same view, we will see a mountain and God sees an anthill. Walking with God is not just a walk through your troubles it's a walk in to the plan God has for you. It's a walk where you will look around and see how God has blessed you in your life. A walk where God brings you on this amazing adventure better than you can imagine.

Remember God chooses the path we walk on and He leads the way. If you walk with Him it doesn't mean He's going to hand you everything you want but He will give you everything you need. Of course God wants us to be happy and feel loved and no matter how many times He's been rejected by us, He cares and loves us unconditionally. He doesn't love you only if you've done right (no one has done right or does right all the time). He loves you in spite of what you've done. He loves you and nothing you do can stop the love He has for you.

Will you trust someone that loves your more than any other person you will ever meet with your life? Will you go walking with God? He's got His hand out to us and He's always there wanting us to walk with Him. He created us and the walk of life after all. Walking without God is like trusting someone's opinion of something over the person who created the actually thing. Who knows more than the creator?

God doesn't make us sign a contract that says we have to follow Him. The choice to walk with God is entirely up to you. Have you ever heard of people's lives that have been changed by God? Have any of those stories had a bad ending? Have all those people seemed happy now that they had God in their life? Yes of course they're happy because they're on the greatest journey ever. Of course they're not immune to hurdles and hardships life throws their way but they make it through. They keep on walking. They don't walk because they're strong and on their own ability. They walk because they pray and trust God with their lives and whatever happens they believe God is good all the time.

God is good ALL the time! Bad things in life don't happen because of God, bad things happen because evil was let in to the world and there are bad people too because of it. To qualify for a walk with God, God doesn't have high requirements and He doesn't say you have to have been an angel all your life. In fact there is only one requirement and that is to ask Him to forgive your sins, give your life over to God and trust Him. Simple as that.

If you're walking with God, stay close to Him. Walk with Him every day and every day you will see how your day changes. He changes us for the better. He changes our lives for the better. It's not a walk where one day you walk with Him, one day you don't. If things are getting too hard for you to handle then maybe you've got to get back to regular walks with God. In the same way you've got to keep your fitness up or else you'll lose it, you've got to walk with God to keep feeling peace. A peace that can survive whatever comes your way comes and you get this peace by putting your in trust God.

God is always there ready to go for a walk, are we ready to go walking with God? Let's walk daily and exercise our Faith!

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Until I write again enjoy walking with God ;)
God Bless,
Nicola Hill