Thursday, 3 September 2015

A poem for my Papou (grandfather)

My Papou (grandfather) passed away on the 10th of August. I couldn't attend his funeral but I wrote a speech and I wrote this poem that was read at his funeral. He was always writing lists so I wrote a poem in the form of a list. 

Here is my poem in memory of my Papou:

Number one of my list,
My Papou will be really missed,

Number two,
Our lives have been blessed to have you,

Number three,
You loved your friends and family,

Number four,
You are not alone, your wife and daughter were already waiting for you when you opened the door,

Number five,
The memories we have in our hearts will keep you alive,

Number six,
The things that made you who you was the perfect mix,

Number seven,
You’ll be looking down at us from heaven,

Number eight,
Everything you’ve done we really appreciate,

Number nine,
Don’t worry about us we will be fine,

Number ten,
We’ll meet again, rest in peace until then.

 Love Nicola 

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