Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Make A Start

I've sat staring at the cursor flicker on and off, looking at the blank page and not knowing where to start. Then I realised that's how I am going to start this blog post. And then I knew what the title of this post is going to be. I have things on my heart that I want to write about. That's the best feeling. I haven't written much lately and I miss it. Now I want to write. I have a lot I can write about. This feeling like I want to write is amazing. I can only write when I feel that inspiration and I feel my inspiration coming back.

I signed in to my blog tonight and on the recent views I saw one of my blog posts "A message of Hope" has got the most views lately so I opened it up and read it. As I was reading I was thinking God helped me write that. God is my inspiration and God's helped me write. I am so thankful that I can write and I want to keep writing for Him.

We come to the title of this blog post, which came in a very thought provoking moment (not really) but that's the point of it, I didn't have a title immediately. I just made a start on this blog post and then this mixture of thoughts in my head is coming together to create something. Who knows what it will create but as you keep reading I hope this mumbo jumbo makes sense. I just wanted to write mumbo jumbo in my blog :). Ok back to the title...

That's what we've got to do sometimes. It's not about overthinking things it's about just going out there and making a start. The best place to start is to start. Put one step in the right direction and step after step later you're on your way. You just need to make a start. So wherever you are and wherever you want to be, make a start to get there.

The question that runs through our mind is how am I going to do it? What if it doesn't work out? It's questions like those that stop us from starting. We can't base our lives on "What ifs". We don't know what life will bring and sometimes that's the beauty of it. You can't say this will happen and that will happen. You don't know what is going to happen. All that stress of what could happen will weigh you down.

That's when you go out and you just make a start. I don't know what will happen but I trust God has got a plan for me and that's enough, I have faith in that. Just like I didn't know what this blog was going to be about but I just started it anyway and as I'm writing now the words are flowing. I feel the keyboard and as I'm typing away it feels good.

Have you got a long essay to write? Make a start. Have you got a job to look for? Make a start. Have you got a house to clean? Make a start. Have you decided not to read my blog posts anymore? Ok that one is a trick question ;). My point is sometimes you don't think, you just do and sometimes that's the best thing. Sometimes it's not the best thing too. It depends what you're making a start on.

Put the key in the engine of your life and start it and then you can drive on your life's journey that God's planned for you. Make a start.

With that I shall love and leave you,
Until I write again,
God Bless,
Nicola Hill

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