Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Beauty of Writing

I recently went on a trip to South Africa to see my family. I brought back my poetry books where I wrote many poems and my diaries that I wrote in when I lived in Zimbabwe. When I was in Africa, I sat on the floor reading through what I had written in them. It brought back a lot of memories of my life in Zimbabwe.

Reading through the things I had written back then also made me realise how much I love writing. Even as a teenager I was writing poetry and writing in my diaries then I wrote a book and now I have a blog. Wherever I have gone in life I have always been writing.

I also came across letters and cards to my family while I was in South Africa. This flood of memories went through my mind and it was such a special feeling. Just through reading I took a trip down memory lane.

If I hadn't had all that writing to read I wouldn't have had that moment. That's what I love about writing and reading other people's writing. Writing keeps things in the moment and you have something to look at years later. 

In a modern world one thing we are missing is letters and writing. Everything is very short hand these days, quick texts and quick posts. Quicker ways of keeping in touch. It's fast and simple but I think it misses things. This is just my thought, we all have our own :). There are other means of communicating too with those such as phone calls etc. 

I don't exactly have a theme for this post it's just my thoughts. I was just thinking of the beauty of writing. Even people who say they don't write, when they need to write something for example a speech or letter it's beautiful. 

I like that writing lasts. Look at all the authors whose books are still read today. Look at all the letters from loved ones people cherish. Look at the writing you have done that you can look back on.

We all have things we love to do and I love to write. Everybody has their thing and I like that everybody has different things they love to do. 

It was good to read some of my writing from years ago and I may post some of it on my blog sometime.

Until I write again, 
I shall love and leave you,
Nicola Hill 


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