Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Re-evaluate Your Point

Hi it's been a while since I posted anything, I only write when I feel inspired to write something and in the busy day to day of life it's finding time to. Isn't that something. Just as I wrote that the "busy day to day of life" it made me think, what do we keep putting off because of our busy lives? When do we find the time to do things? And why did I just write that?

You know sometimes it takes something to happen for us to re-evaluate things in our lives. Sometimes we don't see everything clearly until something happens and you think wow hold on a minute. You think how could I miss that? Why have I been so blind? You're getting on with your day to day busy life and in the midst of everything bang! And suddenly you're aware of everything around you. It's not that you weren't aware of it before but it's all the more real now.

Ok let me get to the point. I know what you're thinking if you have read my blog posts before, is there a point? What point is that? What is the point? Is it all pointless? Or may you're thinking just get to the point? And why do I keep saying the word point? The biggest point I am making in this blog post is the point of our lives.

Notice the title now. That's it, there you go, look up, "Re-evaluate Your Point." Can anyone guess what that means? I know you have no time for this, with all these questions I am making you feel like you are in class again but keep reading. That maybe should be a motto for my blog posts "just keep reading, just keep reading." I do promise I am this annoying in person too if you haven't met me before or know me well, just ask anyone I know.

Anyway back to the title. I will tell you a story that got me to re-evaluate my point recently. As you may have seen for those of you who have me on social media such as Facebook I had a car accident on Saturday 1st of October 2016 in the afternoon. I was turning on to a busy road and I looked left and then right and there were no cars so I then went and next minute a car hit me on the front of my car on the drivers side. Probably from the time I looked left then right he came on my left, I don't know it happened so quickly. I didn't see him and and the three of us in my car didn't even have time to process we had just had an accident. On the short drive up to main road we were just talking about an accident that happened recently on that road and the next minute we had an accident ourselves. The other driver was ok and my friends and I were ok and that's all I could think about when it happened. All that was running through my mind was, "Is everyone ok?" We had a few minor injuries but nothing serious.

The rest of that day and in all the days following all we thought about is how precious life is. How any minute anything could change and anything could happen. I know God was watching over us because the other driver swerved to try and miss my car and if he hadn't I am not so sure I would be here writing this blog post. We were all in shock when it happened and later we were also so thankful we still had our lives. My car was a write off but we were alive that's the main thing.

You know every day we wake up, we get on with our busy day to day lives and we just don't stop to think how lucky we are to be alive. A lot of the time it takes something like that to re-evaluate your point. By that I mean your point of being alive. We all have a point of being alive. We all have a purpose. So what's your point of being alive? What do you do with your life?

Ooo careful when you start to ask yourself those questions it really gets you thinking the ultimate question, what am I doing with my life? Your life is a precious gift and if you are re-evaluating your point and you find things you need to change then you need to do it. Life is too short to get wrapped up in the busy day to day. Life is too short to get stuck in the same situation over and over again. Life is too short already and at any moment anything can change.

Writing that just reminded me of the Dash Poem. Have you ever heard of it? I am going to copy and paste it here from youtube of the author who wrote it reading it:

Click on this ----  The Dash or watch below:

This was my car just after the accident:

Thanks for reading! I am so thankful and appreciate all my friends and family in my life! I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life. I thank God that we walked away from that accident! 

If there is one thing I learnt from this and I have a learnt a few times in my life but it seems even more real now is that we need to re-evaluate our point

Love to you all,
God Bless,
Until I write again,
Nicola Hill

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